Our process is divided into three parts.  

1. Consulation and Information Gathering.  

2. Organization and Production

3. Approval and Media Format Creation

Consultation and Information Gathering:

     We discuss with you what you want your video to be and make plans for enabling it to happen. We will          

     need to get as much information and visual material from you at this time.  

Organization and Production

      We gather together all the materials which will be used for your video, organize them, prepare a script

     for the narrator, and plan our shooting stage, shoot and edit all elements together and provide a proof

     copy for you to approve or change.  

Approval and Media Format Creation

     After getting your approval (or changing the video to meet any further changes or requirement for your

     approval), we render the video in your chosen format. (i.e. DVD, BlueRay, .MP4, etc.)

Our Process:

How We Create Your Video

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